Tech Interview Handbook

Tech Interview Handbook

Curated coding interview preparation materials for busy software engineers
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Tech Interview Handbook

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What is this?

Not everyone has the time to do a few hundred LeetCode questions. Here are free and curated technical interview preparation materials for busy engineers, brought to you by me, the author of Blind 75. Over 500,000 people have benefitted from this handbook!

Besides the usual algorithm questions, other awesome stuff includes:

Help from you in contributing content would be very much appreciated!

Why would you read this?

This repository has practical content that covers all phases of a technical interview, from applying for a job to passing the interviews to offer negotiation. Technically competent candidates might still find the non-technical content helpful.

The information in this repository is condensed. Ultimately, the key to succeeding in technical interviews is consistent practice and I don't want to bore you with too many words. I tell you the minimum you need to know on how to go about navigating the interview process, you go and practice and land your dream job.

Who is this for?

Anybody who wants to land a job at a tech company but is new to technical interviews, seasoned engineers who have not been on the other side of the interviewing table in a while and want to get back into the game, or anyone who wants to be better at technical interviewing.

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How is this repository different?

There are many awesome books like "Cracking the Coding Interview" and interview-related repositories out there on GitHub, what makes this repository different? The difference is that many existing interview repositories contain mainly links to external resources whereas this repository contains top-quality curated content directly for your consumption.

Also, existing resources focus mainly on algorithm questions and lack coverage for more domain-specific and non-technical questions. This handbook aims to cover content beyond the typical algorithmic coding questions. ğŸ˜Ž

Looking for interview courses?


AlgoMonster aims to help you ace the technical interview in the shortest time possible. By Google engineers, AlgoMonster uses a data-driven approach to teach you the most useful key question patterns and has contents to help you quickly revise basic data structures and algorithms. Best of all, AlgoMonster is not subscription-based - pay a one-time fee and get lifetime access. Join today for a 70% discount →

Grokking the Coding Interview: Patterns for Coding Questions

This course by Design Gurus expands upon the questions on the recommended practice questions but approaches the practicing from a questions pattern perspective, which is an approach I also agree with for learning and have personally used to get better at coding interviews. The course allows you to practice selected questions in Java, Python, C++, JavaScript and also provides sample solutions in those languages. Learn and understand patterns, not memorize answers! Get lifetime access today →

Looking for Front End content?

Front-end-related content has been moved to a separate website - Front End Interview Handbook.

Looking for System Design content?

We're still working on System Design content. In the meanwhile, check out ByteByteGo's System Design Interview course or Design Gurus' Grokking the System Design Interview course, which in our opinion are among the most useful resources for getting started on system design interviews preparation.


A Docusaurus website has been created to provide a better reading experience. Check out the website here!

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If you are interested in how data structures are implemented, check out Lago, a Data Structures and Algorithms library for JavaScript. It is pretty much still WIP but I intend to make it into a library that can be used in production and also a reference resource for revising Data Structures and Algorithms.


There are no formal contributing guidelines at the moment as things are still in flux and we might find a better approach to structure content as we go along. You are welcome to contribute whatever you think will be helpful to fellow engineers. If you would like to contribute content for different domains, feel free to create an issue or submit a pull request and we can discuss further.


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