About Best of JS

Why Best of JS?

Javascript, HTML and CSS are advancing faster than ever, we are going full speed on innovation.
Amazing open-source projects are released almost everyday.

  • How to stay up-to-date about the latest tendencies?
  • How to check quickly the projects that really matter, now and not 6 months ago?

Best of JS was created in 2015 to address these questions.


Checking the number of stars on GitHub is a good way to check project popularity but it does not tell you when the stars have been added.

Best of JS takes "snapshot" of GitHub stars every day, for a curated list of 2000 projects, to detect the trends over the last months.

How it works

First, a list of projects related to the web platform and Node.js (JavaScript, Typescript, but also HTML and CSS) is stored in our database.

Every time we find a new interesting project, we add it to the database.

Then everyday, an automatic task checks project data from GitHub, for every project stored and generates data consumed by the web application.

The web application displays the total number of stars and their variation over the last days.

Do you want more projects?

Rather than scanning all existing projects on GitHub, we focus on a curated list of projects we find "interesting", based on our experience and on things we read on the internet.

As a result, some great projects must be missing!

Create a GitHub issue here to suggest a new project to add.

Show your support!

If you find the application useful, you can star the repository on GitHub or become a sponsor.

Thank you for your support, we are all made of stars star !